Tariq  Boutique

Acerca de Tariq Boutique

Nuestro alojamineto boutique está ubicado en el corazón de San Blas y parte de él se remonta a la época inca cuando San Blas se formó con terrazas escalonadas y casas de campo. Cuando los españoles tomaron el control de la ciudad, los indígenas de San Blas se quedaron y los españoles se mudaron a su lado, convirtiendo a San Blas en un crisol multicultural de agricultores, artesanos y artistas por igual.

Tariq’s first building and patio is a mix of these two historical times: the big, perfectly shaped stones carved by the Incas form a base for the Spanish colonial style walls and the central patio. In some places the walls are one meter wide and here you can feel the energy of past. The second building is inspired by the original construction, and provides sweeping views over Cusco’s main plaza and the surrounding city.

True to our Bridge Building philosophy, Tariq is founded on our belief in connecting people: learning and sharing together, working locally and responsibly are key ingredients of everything we do. In close cooperation with local craftsmen and artists we have created a space that is both comfortable & cozy, contemporary & authentic, and shares the magic of Cusco.

San Blas!

One of the ancient twelve neighbourhoods of Inca Cusco, San Blas was known as T’oqocachi. At the time, T’oqocachi rose from the city of Cusco, bounded by the Tullumayo River, in a series of stepped terraces that were both agricultural and contained significant shrines along the road, one of four major highways leaving the heart of the extensive Inca empire. People used this road to get to Sacsayhuaman and further north, along an Inca highway into the jungle lowlands.

In 1562, Viceroy Toledo had a small chapel built, today known as the San Blas church. It is believed the church was raised on top of an Inca temple with the idea of catechising the Incas. This is how the colonial invasion of T’oqocachi began. The district became a cultural melting pot and the main settlement of artists and artisans in the area.

Today, San Blas is known as the artisan’s neighbourhood, not just because it holds one of the most famous works of Cusqueño wood carving, the Pulpit of San Blas, but also because it is a stronghold of artisans who have practiced and attributed their abilities in sculpture and painting for many decades. The Mendivil family among others has several shops in the area, keeping this rich tradition alive.

During the day San Blas is a charming, quaint little district, full of small shops, café’s, and narrow cobblestone streets where you can see a wide variety of artists at work. At night, the San Blas neighborhood comes to life with many bars and restaurants to choose from and enjoy.

Our restaurant

Enjoy our beautiful breakfast buffet from 6am till 10am! All our products are organic and homemade; fresh juices, homemade bread, cereals, yogurt, a choice off eggs or pancakes, coffee and tea.

We are also open for dinner & drinks between 5pm and 9pm. Enjoy a sundowner or a glass of wine while looking at the sun setting over San Blas Cusco at this magical hour, before choosing your table. Our menu holds traditional dishes with a contemporary twist, soups, and salads with fresh organic ingredients.

Throughout the day coffee, tea and infusions are available for free for our guests. A good selection of espresso, cappuccino and cakes is also on offer.

What our Travelers are Saying

The Tariq Bouting Accommodation is very elegant with a great atmosphere. Tariq was the perfect place to relax and explore Cusco at ease after a busy few days of travel. Tariq Bouting is located within walking distance of all the popular attractions. And because the Tariq Bouting accommodation is a bit uphill, I had an amazing view of the entire city from my room.
Highly recommended!

From the Netherlands

Arriving in Cusco is not always easy as you need time to acclimatize. We arrived at Tariq and were welcomed by the friendly staff. The Tariq Bouting surrounded by art made of locals, reminds the original roots of this bohemian neighborhood. Rooms are very comfortable. We stayed at the colonial building were the standard and family rooms are. We enjoyed breakfasts and the spectacular view of Cusco City.

From Lima, Peru

The Tariq Bouting  accommodation is located in the beautiful and bohemian San Blas Neighborhood. Very comfortable rooms and we were assigned the superior rooms which have the most wonderful views of Cusco city. At nights having a drink in their small and cozy restaurant enjoying Cusco at night was simply priceless. We will definitely come back, the fireplace made our nights!!

Marie and Milagros from Lima, Peru

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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Community & Connection

Both our Tariq Bouting and travel concierge service have a strong local concept: we prefer to work with local providers, artists and communities and support them in their development.

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Tariq is an eco-friendly Tariq Bouting; dispensers for our shampoo and soap, a zero plastic policy, water management, degradable cleaning products and the use of only local and organic foods are some examples of our environmental policy.

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Building Bridges

We believe in diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives. We believe that each person makes unique contributions to the whole. We believe that by building bridges between our cultures, we will learn, understand, grow, and eventually become better people.